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Published in NIST Special Publication 1035 (2004) 334 p.


This workshop on Coatings for Corrosion Protection: Offshore Oil and Gas Operation Facilities, Marine Pipelines, Ship Structures, and Port Facilities was held on April 14-16, 2004 in Biloxi, Mississippi. This workshop of 150 attendees drew participation by internationally recognized marine coating experts, material specialists, inspection specialists, coating manufacturers, maintenance engineers, and designers. The workshop was crafted to include multiple viewpoints: industrial, academic, environmental, regulatory, standardization, and certification.

Keynote and topic papers were presented to establish a current information base for discussions. Six discussion groups addressed specific issues and identified, prioritized, and recommended specific research and development topics for the government and industries to undertake. The recommendations of this workshop offer a clear identification of research and development issues and create a roadmap for achieving them.