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Version for Public Release April 2007


NYSEARCH/NGA and DOT/PHMSA have an existing R & D contract, DTRS56-05-T-0002, in place to enhance and validate the TWI/FBS Teletest™ Long Range Guided Wave Ultrasonic Testing System. During 2006, the second year of this contract, several controlled tests were performed at the NYSEARCH/NGA test bed and several are also being done on live jobs at NYSEARCH member companies. Through this process, NYSEARCH has amassed the experience and facilities to test and evaluate various guided wave systems.

At the request of DOT/PHMSA, in June 2006, a task was added to the R & D contract, to conduct a collaborative demonstration of multiple guided wave ultrasonics systems under the controlled test conditions at the NYSEARCH/NGA test bed in Johnson City, NY. Engineers and R & D managers of PHMSA saw this set of tests as important because of the Federal Register Notice issued on July 29, 2005 which outlines the method for applying for use of Guided Wave Ultrasonic Testing (GUT) systems. The Federal Register guidance proscribed the manner in which GUT can be validated and applied to pipeline cased crossings.

During the initiation of the Collaborative Demonstration, PHMSA also provided a listing of organizations and names of individuals who had interest in participating in the collaborative demonstration. Representatives from DOT/PHMSA, AGA, APGA, API, INGAA, NYSEARCH/NGA and AOPL were contacted. The following parties agreed to participate in the Steering Committee: Elizabeth Skalnek and Zach Barrett, DOT/PHMSA, Joseph Soltis BP representing AOPL, Jeffrey Didas Colonial Pipeline, Kent Alms LaClede Gas representing AGA, Robert Smith DOT/PHMSA, and Daphne D’Zurko, NYSEARCH/NGA. During the tests, other parties from these organizations were also included in invitations and follow-up correspondence regarding the tests.