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API Pipeline Conference (April 14, 2004)


National Energy Technology Laboratory

Fossil Fuels Today

Energy Sector R&D Investments Low

Gas Infrastructure Reliability

Program Summary

Infrastructure Activities

Natural Gas Industry Background

Core R&D Areas & Issues

Implementation Strategy

Inspection Technologies

Conformable Array for Mapping Corrosion Profiles

Innovative Sensors for Pipeline Crawlers to Assess Pipeline Defects and Conditions

New Acoustic Wave Pipe Inspection System

Ultrasonic Measurements of Plastic Strain in Pipelines

EXPLORER: A Long Range Untethered Live Gasline Inspection Robot System

Roboscan – A Robotic Inspection Platform and Sensors for Assessing Corrosion and Mechanical Damage in Un-Piggable Transmission Mains

Remote Sensing

Detection of Unauthorized Construction Equipment in Pipeline Right-of-Ways

Acoustic Detecting and Locating Gas Pipeline Infringement

A Low-Cost GPR Gas Pipe and Leak Detector

Differential Soil Impedance Obstacle Detection

Mobile Sensor for Remote Detection of Natural Gas Leaks

Testing of an Advanced Airborne Natural Gas Leak Detection System

Materials Development

Internal Repair of Pipelines

“Smart Pipe” Integral Communication, Damage Detection and Multiple Sensor Application in Pipelines

Operational Technologies

IEMDC - Totally Enclosed In-Line Electric Motor Driven Gas Compressor

Technologies to Enhance Operation of the Existing Natural Gas Compression Infrastructure

Current LNG Projects

FY04 Planned Activities