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Veterinary Microbiology 163 (2013) 149–156



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Phenotypic and genotypic diversity of forty-two Pasteurella multocida isolates from geese were characterized by analysis of their capsular type, Heddleston serotype, biotype, fimbrial gene allele type, comparative outer membrane protein (OMP) electrophoresis patterns, and were analyzed using PCR for the presence of virulence-associated genes (toxA, tbpA, pfhA, hgbA, hgbB, nanH, nanB, fimA, hsf-1, and pmHAS). A sequence comparison of the thdF and rpoB housekeeping genes of twenty representative P. multocida strains from three different OMP groups demonstrated that seventeen strains were closely related phylogenetically to previously published strains of P. multocida subsp. multocida and P. multocida subsp. gallicida, and only three strains from geese were grouped with previously published strains of P. multocida subsp. septica. This study is the first report regarding the characterization of phenotypic and genotypic features of different P. multocida field strains isolated from geese with the different clinical representation of pasteurellosis and provide our overview on the usefulness of these in vitro tests for primary characterization of P. multocida strains for the epidemiological studies of fowl cholera.