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In the paleomagnetic secular variation (PSV) ages folder:

The data for OL90-1 and 2 have not been published

The data for PLC08-1 are reported in:

Benson, L.V., Smoot, J.P., Lund, S.P., Mensing, S.A., Rye, R.O., 2013. Insights from a synthesis of old and new climate-proxy data from the western Lahontan Basin for the period 48 to 11.5 ka. Quaternary International310, 62-82.

Lund, S., Benson, L., Negrini, R., Liddicoat, J., Mensing, S., 2016. A full-vector paleomagnetic secular variation record (PSV) from Pyramid Lake (Nevada) from 47-17 ka: Evidence for the successive Mono Lake and Laschamp Excursions. Earth and Planetary Sciences online.

The data for BL04-4 are reported in:

Benson, L.V., Lund, S.P., Smoot, J.P., Rhode, D.E., Spencer, R.J., Verosub, K.L., Louderback, L.A., Johnson, C.A., Rye, R.O., Negrini, R., 2011. The rise and fall of Lake Bonneville between 45 and 10.5 ka. Quaternary International 235, 57-69.

The data for the Wilson Creek Formation are reported in:

Benson, L.V., Lund, S.P., Burdett, J.W., Kashgarian, M., Rose, T.P., Smoot, J.P., and Schwartz, M., 1998, Correlation of Late-Pleistocene lake level oscillations in Mono Lake, California, with North Atlantic climate events: Quaternary Research, vol. 49, p. 1-10.