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Published in Open-File Report 2004-1061 by the U.S. Department of Interior and the U.S. Geological Survey, 1-42, (2004)


This report describes the May-June 2002 Englebright Lake coring project. Englebright Lake is a 14-km-long reservoir on the Yuba River of northern California, impounded by Englebright Dam, which was completed in 1940. The sediments were cored to assess the current conditions in the reservoir as part of the California Bay-Delta Authority’s Upper Yuba River Studies Program. Sediment was collected using both hydraulic-piston and rotational coring equipment mounted on a floating drilling platform. Thirty boreholes were attempted at 7 sites spaced along the longitudinal axis of the reservoir. Complete sedimentary sections were recovered from 20 boreholes at 6 sites. In total, 335 m of sediment was cored, with 86% average recovery. The core sections (each up to 1.5 m long) were processed using a standard set of laboratory techniques, including geophysical logging of physical properties, splitting, visual descriptions, digital photography, and initial subsampling. This report presents the results of these analyses in a series of stratigraphic columns. Using the observed stratigraphy as a guide, several series of subsamples were collected for various sedimentologic, geochemical, and geochronological analyses. The results of laboratory analyses of most of these subsamples will be presented in future reports and articles.