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The United States Geological Survey (USGS) created a virtual training series for the Afghanistan Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW), now known as the National Water Affairs Regulation Authority (NWARA), to provide critical hydrological training as an alternative to an in-person training. The USGS was scheduled to provide in-person surface-water training for NWARA during 2020; however, travel was halted because of the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID–19) pandemic. The virtual training consisted of prerecorded and live presentations that were scheduled during 4 weeks in August 2021. However, the training was halted after the second week due to the collapse of the Afghan Government. Fortunately, the prerecorded presentations and training materials were delivered before the trainings were halted, so they can be viewed or shared by the participants in the future. A benefit to having produced prerecorded trainings is that USGS can leverage or adapt the trainings for nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) involved in humanitarian water relief efforts in Afghanistan or can be used for other international training efforts.