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U.S. Department of Justice (1989).


On 1/23/89, complainant telephoned Assistant Section Cheif FBIHQ, alleging violation of rights of JAMES BROWN by UNSUBS, Officers of Richmond Country Police Department, Augusta, Georgia, and by his attorney, all growing out of a confrontation which began in Augusta, and ended with BROWN'S tires being shot out in South Carolina. On 2/9/89, complainant advised she had no first-hand knowledge of the situation, but he patched her husband through from prison in Columbia, South Carolina, where he is serving his sentence. JAMES BROWN alleges violations were made by South Carolina police, rather than by Georgia. Complainant to be interviewed 2/10/89. Victim requests to be interviewed at Columbia.

MRS. BROWN states that she is the wife of entertainer JAMES BROWN and wished to furnish information concerning what she believes is a pattern of harassment on the part of law enforcement officers against her husband which has been going on for about one and one half years.

MRS. BROWN recalled that the first incident which led her to believe her husband was being harassed took place about 9:30 p.m. one night when she and JAMES BROWN were driving toward their home in Beech Island, South Carolina. They were passing through Richmond County on their way home when they bumped into the rear bumper of a car which had stopped in the roadway. The bumper of the other car was bent in a minor way, and the BROWN's van stalled. Other people at the scene helped JAMES BROWN get the car started by "jump starting" the engine. As the BROWN's drove off, they heard someone yell, "That's James Brown." The car which they had bumped began to follow them and a police officer pulled the van over after they entered South Carolina. when JAMES BROWN asked what he had done to be pulled over, the officer ordered him out of his car in a very unpleasant manner. The officer then threw JAMES BROWN against the car and ordered him to spread his legs.