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Infection and Immunity (1995), 63(5), p. 2070-2074


In this study, the interactions of enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC) O157 strains with human ileocecal (HCT-8) epithelial cells and HEp-2 cells were examined. EHEC adhered to, but did not invade, HCT-8 cells by the localized adherence mechanism and a heretofore unrecognized pattern which we called log jam. The log jam formation was (i) not observed on HEp-2 cells, (ii) independent of the EHEC eaeA gene required for localized adherence, and (iii) shared by pathogenic and nonpathogenic E. coli strains but not K-12 strains. The log jam phenotype may represent a basal means by which E. coli bacteria attach to the human intestine.