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Patient Education and Counseling 94 (2014) 255–260


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Objective: This study explored patient recall of clinician presentation of information about prescription medication, looking specifically for communication patterns and differences by patient individual characteristics and by medication availability type. Methods: A cross sectional survey collected information about 216 patients’ perceptions of clinician presentations of medication information. Results: Demographically, males recalled receiving more information about reasons, risks, and regimen in medication discussions. By medication type, patients reported receiving more medication information when the clinician presented a prescription-only medication as opposed to a medication that was also available over the counter. Conclusion: Given the broad and unmonitored use of over-the-counter products, coupled with the increasing awareness of risks associated with many of these medications, it is concerning that patients report receiving less information about these products. Practice implications: The emphasis on appropriate medication counseling should not be limited to medications available only by prescription. Prescribers should be mindful of these potential tendencies when discussing medications.