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Published in Nucleic Acids Research Volume 15, Number 15, 1987. Copyright © 1987 IRL Press Limited, Oxford, England. Used by permission.


We report here the nucleotide sequence of an anti-fluorescyl hapten antibody heavy chain variable region gene from a BALB/c mouse hybridoma cell line 3-13 (1). This gene segment was contained in a 5.0 kb EcoRI fragment isolated by a 700 bp probe 3' to the mouse heavy chain joining minigene region between the XbaI and EcoRI sites. Mature protein starts at *. The first 21 amino acid residues have also been confirmed by direct amino acid sequencing and they are identical to those of immunoglobulin MOPC104E heavy chain (2). Complementarity determining regions (CDRs) are underlined. The third CDR is unusually long and does not match any of the mouse heavy chain diversity minigene sequences (3). However, GGCTAC is found in the DFL16.2-minigene, and GTAA in the DSp2.5- minigene, suggesting that ten of the 30 nucleotides in CDR3, GGCTACGTAA, may be derived from a D-D joining.

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