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Virology 433(2012)104–115;


Triticum mosaic virus (TriMV) is the type species of the newly established Poacevirus genus in the family Potyviridae. In this study, we demonstrate that in contrast to the helper component- proteinase (HC-Pro) of Potyvirus species, the P1 proteins of TriMV and Sugarcane steak mosaic poacevirus function in suppression of RNA silencing (SRS). TriMV P1 effectively suppressed silencing induced by single- or double-stranded RNAs (ss/ds RNAs), and disrupted the systemic spread of silencing signals at a step after silencing signal production. Interestingly, contrary to enhanced SRS activity of potyviral HC-Pro by co-expression with P1, the presence of TriMV HC-Pro reduced SRS activity of TriMV P1. Furthermore, TriMV P1 suppressed systemic silencing triggered by dsRNA more efficiently than the HC-Proof Turnip mosaic potyvirus. Furthermore, TriMV P1 enhanced the pathogenicity of a heterologous virus. Our results established poaceviral P1 as a potent RNA silencing suppressor that probably employs a novel mechanism to suppress RNA silencing-based antiviral defense.