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February 1979


Published in Proceedings of the Third Eastern Pine and Meadow Vole Symposium, New Paltz, N.Y., February 14 – 15, 1979, Ross E. Byers, editor. Copyright © 1979 Byers.


Broadcast treatments of a number of anticoagulant baits were found to be effective for the control of pine voles in orchards. Rates necessary for good control were: Volak - 15 lbs/A; Bromodiolone 15 lbs/A; Rozol - 20 lbs/A; two applications of Ramik-Brown - 20 lbs/A each. At least 3 days of good weather appeared to be required for good vole control. Cellophane packeted baits of Volak placed at each tree in vole runways under cinder blocks gave excellent control. Bait remained in excellent condition for long periods of time or until opened by voles. An electromagnetic device was evaluated for vole control in a 30 acre orchard. The instrument was found to be ineffective over the 8 week test period. A ground cover spray application of Kerb at 4 lbs of 50 WP/A was not effective as a repellent when applied at the rate of 600 gal. of water/sprayed acre (400 gal/A of orchard).