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March 1982


Published in Proceedings of the Sixth Eastern Pine and Meadow Vole Symposium, Harpers Ferry, WV, March 10-12, 1982, Ross E. Byers, editor. Copyright © 1982 Parker, Kelly, and Tzilkowski.


In the past, researchers from The Pennsylvania State University have Investigated specific aspects of the pine vole (Microtus pinetorum) and its biology (Fisher 1976, Gettle 1975, Simpson 1978). In our current research, we are Investigating many factors of the pine vole's orchard habitat and examining these factors collectively. Our objectives are:
1) To determine what combinations of habitat characteristics relate best to abundance of pine voles in Pennsylvania apple orchards.

2) To recommend strategies on how to consider or modify those habitat characteristics to maintain the lowest possible numbers of pine voles.