Vertebrate Pest Conference Proceedings collection


Date of this Version

February 1982


Compensation for wildlife damage to private property is recognized by the Alberta government as a short-term reimbursement to the property owner and a long-term investment in wildlife conservation. In 1978 the Alberta Problem Wildlife Committee recommended that problem wildlife management policies and programs should contain three basic factors: PREVENTION, COMPENSATION and CONTROL or ANIMAL REMOVAL. These should be incorporated whenever possible in dealing with a particular species of problem wildlife or vertebrate pest. The Alberta government approved this philosophy as a reflection of traditional rights and fair treatment of landowners and as the basis for future programs. Compensation is paid for four types of confirmed wildlife damage: big game or game bird damage to cereals and forage; waterfowl damage to cereal crops; predator damage to livestock; and bear damage to bee equipment. The organization and operation of each of these programs are discussed in some detail.