Vertebrate Pest Conference Proceedings collection


Date of this Version

February 1982


Welcome to the Tenth Vertebrate Pest Conference. It has been 20 years since the First Vertebrate Pest Control Conference was held (Sacramento, California, 1962). The conference objectives which prevailed at the first conference have not changed. Our goal today continues to be the advancement of technology by an exchange and discussion of information on vertebrate pests and their control. The overall objective is education. The conference has grown from a local or state meeting into a national and international conference, from a 2-day to a 3-day event. In attendance it has grown from 268 at the first to what we expect will be over 400 at this meeting. Collectively, the published Proceedings of the Conference now represent one of the finest collections of vertebrate pest control information found anywhere. They are used as references across the country and throughout the world. To increase the value of the conference proceedings as references, the council will be publishing a comprehensive index for all ten proceedings which will include the proceedings of this conference. The index will be by title, author, and cross-indexed by subjects. We hope to have it completed and printed by August or September of this year.