Vertebrate Pest Conference Proceedings collection


Date of this Version

March 1984


A new concept in pocket gopher control is advanced which relies on two behavioral traits common to pocket gophers: 1) gophers are quick to invade unoccupied burrow systems when the previous occupant has been killed by a rodenticide; and 2) the invading animal will use existing food stores (i.e., baits) left by the previous gopher. With long-lasting (i.e., durable) baits containing sufficient toxicant, several pocket gophers can be controlled by a single baiting. This new approach assists in improving gopher control, for control is extended beyond the initial baiting results. Pocket gophers missed in the original treatment or gophers invading from outside areas will continue to be killed for some time following the baiting program. Laboratory and field studies provide supportive evidence concerning the feasibility and practicality of this new concept.