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March 1986


From commercial fields near McArthur, California, we collected data on methods for controlling blackbird (Icteridae) damage to wild rice (Zizania aquatica). Using and expanding upon an economic model proposed by Dolbeer (1981), we derived economic comparisons of three control programs employing: 1. methiocarb, 2. shooting and propane exploders, and 3. all methods combined. Shooting and propane exploders used together were the most cost effective with a benefit:cost ratio of 2.16:1. Under the assumptions used in the model, methiocarb was least effective with a benefit:cost ratio of only 0.62:1. We discuss assumptions of the model and using basic initial data (cost and efficacy of control, average yield and value of the crop, anticipated damage level) illustrate a format to derive figures for the amount and value of crop to be saved at a given efficacy level, benefit:cost ratios, and net income after control.