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March 1986


Times do change! USDA's Animal and Plant Health Service, or APHIS, is now in the process of taking over the animal damage control program from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The transfer will be completed by April 1.

This is the opposite of what was happening back in 1939. At that time, a government reorganization plan resulted in the transfer of the Bureau of Biological Survey—-forerunner of Fish and Wildlife Service--from Agriculture to Interior; and with it went the ADC program.

We're pleased to have the ADC program back at Agriculture. We never lost interest in it. While the program was at Interior, the Agricultural Research Service contributed to ADC projects such as those on guarding dogs and improved coyote attractants. The Extension Service provided ADC training and instructions to farmers and ranchers. USDA's Economic Research Service conducted studies on agricultural losses caused by depredating animals.