Vertebrate Pest Conference Proceedings collection


Date of this Version

March 1990


The State Department of Conservation, Forests and Lands (CFL) administers legislation relating to the management of pest animals and plants throughout Victoria. CFL conducts control work on public land and assists landholders with programs on freehold land. To provide an information base for the management of CFL's pest control programs, the Pest Management Information System (PMIS) was developed. The PMIS captures descriptions of pest infestations, details of planned and actual treatments, and evaluations of treatments. The first version of the PMIS, developed for microcomputers, was released in 1987 and underwent minor revision during 1988 in the light of field experience. During 1989 the PMIS was redeveloped using in-house computer prototyping tools on CFL's statewide computer network. It is currently being trialed in two regions prior to wider implementation. Initial results from the pilot trials indicate that the PMIS will in time become a valuable tool in the management of pest animal and plant problems in Victoria.