Vertebrate Pest Conference Proceedings collection


Date of this Version

March 1990


Compound DRC-1339 is a restricted-use, slow-acting avicide that is registered to control a number of avian pests. It is unique because of its selective high toxicity to most pest birds, low-to-moderate toxicity to most mammals and predatory birds, and lack of known secondary hazards when used on baits. The most widely known product containing DRC- 1339 is Purina Mills’ Starlicide Complete®, a pelleted bait used to control blackbirds and starlings in feedlots. Other DRC- 1339 registrations are held by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA/APHIS), for the use of nonpelletized baits at feedlots and for the control of gulls in or near their nesting colonies. Over 20 State Special Local Need 24(c) registrations have also been issued to APHIS for special DRC-1339 uses. To consolidate these registrations, APHIS has submitted data to amend its feedlot registration for blackbirds and starlings, and applied for three registrations for control of 1) raven and crow depredations on livestock and for wildlife protection, 2) pigeons in and around structures, and 3) blackbirds, starlings, and crows at preroosting staging areas. Because most of the submitted data were collected in the 1960s and 1970s, none of it was produced under the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) regulations; therefore, new data will probably be needed to support these registrations. Future data needs and procedures for collecting valid information for DRC-1339 are suggested.