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March 1992


This paper discusses the development of site-specific baiting technology for controlling the house mouse (Mus musculus) in confined swine facilities utilizing specific rodenticide formulations, bait stations, and baiting strategies. Behavioral research was also conducted to identify primary nesting and travel activities of mice within grower-finishing units. The rodenticide bromadiolone in a block formulation was found to be effective in most baiting trials, and provided resistance to the harsh environment of the swine facility and the necessary versatility for securing baits to minimize hazards to swine. A commercially available tamper resistant bait station was found to be effective for floor baiting procedures in high swine activity areas, and a homemade pvc tube baiter was effective for off-floor baiting efforts. To prevent population resurgences, baiting strategies within grower-finishing units must be responsive to structural and environmental factors affecting the activities of the rodent populations. In the grower-finishing units and other high swine activity areas, both floor and off-floor baiting programs are recommended.