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Published at the University of California, Davis November, 1998

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On behalf of the Vertebrate Pest Council, welcome to the Eighteenth Vertebrate Pest Conference. For 36 years, the Council has been presenting these conferences for the purpose of advancing knowledge in the field of vertebrate pest management. The conference proceedings are utilized extensively throughout the world as a source of information regarding vertebrate pest biology, behavior, ecology, and integrated pest management technology. Never before has the vertebrate pest management field been under as much pressure to change from using traditional control methods of trapping and toxicants, to what are viewed as more humane and environmentally friendly methods. Unfortunately, the general public is being led to believe that very cruel pest management methods are utilized and that even some pest animals are cuddly creatures that have the same rights as humans. Agreed, vertebrate pests should be treated humanely, but treated as if they belong everywhere even when causing damage to man, his livestock, pets, endangered species, and the environment? Citizens are ill informed of how cruel nature is in the struggle for survival, or how advanced the animal damage management field is in the use of integrated pest management methods and the use of humane control techniques. One of our primary objectives as vertebrate pest managers must be to change our image through public education and our appearance, while continuing to learn more about new integrated pest management methods. "I challenge you to maintain a more professional image for your entire organization." Your dress, equipment, manner of solving vertebrate pest problems, and, yes, your customer and public relations must always be a high priority.

444 pages, all 82 papers, plus frontmatter, participants, etc.