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Proceedings 18th Vertebrate Pest Conference, ed. R.O. Baker & A.C. Crabb. Published at University of California, Davis, 1998.


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Since 1985, USDA-APHIS-Wildlife Services (WS) personnel have received complaints concerning black vultures (Coragyps atratus) and turkey vultures (Cathartes aura) roosting at industrial facilities along the Texas gulf coast. The structures associated with these facilities are difficult for bird control personnel to access, and remote vulture roosting sites limit the effectiveness of many commonly used bird damage control methods. Methods attempted since 1985 include: capture and relocation, exclusion, harassment and shooting. In 1994, WS entered into a cooperative vulture control agreement with three chemical plants located in southeast Texas. WS personnel have developed an effective vulture damage management strategy that is currently used at six industrial sites in Texas.