Vertebrate Pest Conference Proceedings collection


Date of this Version

March 1964


The Second Vertebrate Pest Control Conference is concluded. We hope it has been, in some measure, educational and worthwhile to each one of you. Many of you who are here attended the first conference, which was held in Sacramento two years ago. The obvious spirit displayed at that meeting, a genuine intense interest in absorbing new knowledge presented by the speakers, the warmth of making and renewing acquaintances among fellow workers and the enjoyment of the truly rare opportunity to exchange information in this special field, vertebrate pest control, has, I feel, been reenacted here. For these reasons this second conference was held, not merely for the sake of having a meeting or perpetuating an idea. Gratified as we are at this fine attendance, and it should be for the privilege of hearing these speakers, our colleagues who are not here missed a valuable opportunity; we should realize that although our own store of knowledge has been enriched we have an obligation to inform the public at large. Very often the general public is concerned with vertebrate pest- control only to the extent of wanting a solution to an individual problem. We should use those opportunities and should create others to explain the inter-related biology of pest animals in the total ecological picture, natural or man-made, and the need for sound management which is very often much more than merely removing one species from one place. There is need for a great deal more research concerning vertebrate pest species. An increased public understanding is necessary for proper evaluation, acceptance and support of vertebrate pest control, and all, resource management programs. The California Vertebrate Pest Control Committee sincerely hopes these conferences have assisted materially toward those goals, particularly the first objective, that of providing a medium of communication among us. This is a lack we all feel. Your impressions of this conference may prompt suggestions for a future conference, if there should be one. This is not an annual affair. Your suggestions will be welcomed by the Committee at any time.