Vertebrate Pest Conference Proceedings collection


Date of this Version

March 1976


Sodium cyanide was cancelled for use in predator control in March 1972 along with strychnine and 1080 mainly because of the indiscriminate use of these poisons which posed an imminent hazard and danger to the environment. After due consideration, the EPA Administrator in January 1974 authorized approval of experimental use permits (under Section 5 of FIFRA as amended) for use of sodium cyanide in the M-44 device (SCSLEM) in order to accumulate information necessary to support registration consideration. Subsequently nine permits were issued for this purpose. In August 1975, a public hearing was held in Washington, D.C. to respond to a formal application for registration by the Department of the Interior (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service), since, in the judgment of the Agency, there was substantial new evidence to refute three main issues set forth in the March 1972 cancellation order. Following this hearing, EPA Administrator Train published his decision on September 16, 1975 which specified that sodium cyanide capsules for use in the M-44 device may be registered under Section 3 of FIFRA to federal and state agencies and to other persons provided that they sell sodium cyanide capsules only to state and federal registrants. Only state and federal registrants are permitted to sell, give or distribute sodium cyanide capsules to trained and supervised applicators. A total of twenty-six restrictions are included in this Order. To date EPA has issued 8 registrations for sodium cyanide capsules for use in the M-44 device.