Vertebrate Pest Conference Proceedings collection


Date of this Version

March 1978


Brodifacoum, a new rodenticide, is described. This anticoagulant is shown to be of exceptional potency and capable of controlling resistant rodents as well as several non-commensal species. Results demonstrate that, in contrast to first generation anticoagulants, a bait concentration of only 50 ppm is adequate to give control and in only a single feeding for most species. In common with other anticoagulants, vitamin K1 is an effective antidote. In contrast with other acute rodenticides, symptoms are delayed and no bait shyness is observed. The results of laboratory and field trials from many parts of the world are summarized and comparisons of efficacy and specificity with other rodenticides are made. In all cases, brodifacoum is shown to be an exceptional rodenticide, the single feeding action of which offers novel rodent control applications.