Vertebrate Pest Conference Proceedings collection


Date of this Version

March 1978


Good morning. I am Professor Howard, your Conference Chairperson. Welcome to the Eighth Vertebrate Pest Conference. Vertebrate pest control has come a long way since our first two-day Conference, in 1962. An excellent meeting has been arranged by the hard-working Conference Committees and the 17 members of the Vertebrate Pest Council, who direct the Vertebrate Pest Conference. It is already a great success--because all of you are here. As I said in opening our first Conference 16 years ago, this is a Conference, not a convention. No motions or resolutions will be entertained. We are here to get acquainted with each other and to advance knowledge on coping with vertebrate-animal dislocates in man's modified environments in a manner which will least disturb other species in the ecosystems. We are highly honored to have with us scientists from at least 13 other countries. At noon or this afternoon, I will take a few minutes to recognize our international colleagues, so that you can later introduce yourselves.