Vertebrate Pest Conference Proceedings collection


Date of this Version

March 1980


Two acute rodenticides, zinc phosphide and Vacor, at different concentrations were tested on the rice field rats (Rattus argentiventer) and the bandicoot rats (Bandicota indica) with a choice-feeding procedure. It was found that zinc phosphide at 0.5%, 0.8%, 1.6% caused 30%, 30%, and 60% mortality, respectively, to R. argentiventer, and at 1.6% caused death only 30% to B. indica, whereas Vacor at 0.5%, 0.8%, 1.6% caused 70%, 60% and 80% mortality, respectively to R. argentiventer and this compound at 1.6% killed 60% of B. indica. Five anticoagulants Actosin-P, warfarin, Racumin, brodifacoum, and chlorophacinone also were tested on R. argentiventer and only brodifacoum was tested on B. indica at an appropriate concentration with a non-choice feeding procedure. It was found that with one day consumption of the poisoned bait brodifacoum 0.005% is the only anticoagulant that caused 100% mortality to R. argentiventer and B. indica. whereas, Actosin-P, warfarin, Racumin, and chlorophacinone killed 20%, 20%, 30%, and none of R. argentiventer, respectively.