Vertebrate Pest Conference Proceedings collection


Date of this Version

February 1962


Of the various types of wildlife that home owners find undesirable, snakes are probably the leading offenders. Because of much false teaching, many persons have a great dread of even non-venomous snakes; hence control often is practiced when not needed. Nevertheless, very few people are willing to accept the presence of snakes in their gardens or their yards, especially if there is a concern for children playing in the area. For this reason snake control is often desirable about homes and suburban housing areas. Other situations where controls might be justified are recreation areas, farms, bird sanctuaries, duck nesting marshes, and fish hatcheries.The first step in control is to find out what kind of a snake is creating the trouble and to learn something of its habits. Secondly, it is important to estimate the cost of the method to be used and to decide whether or not the expense and effort are justified. There is no single method of eliminating snakes from a given area, and since each person's predicament is different, it is practical to suggest here several ways of eliminating snakes. The following control methods are divided into seven categories. The first five groups are over-all general means of control, the sixth category is devoted to repellents, and the last group deals with miscellaneous methods, any one of which might apply to a particular set of circumstances.