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Published by Nebraska Water Resources Research Institute, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


NWRRI Announces Approval of Matching Grant Proposals
National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 - Landmark Achievement
Chairman of Environmental Quality Council Named by Nixon
River System Engineering - Summer Short Course
Plan to Eliminate Thermal Pollution - Result in Navigation Channels?
Executive Director Appointed to Water Resources Council
Ecologic Aspects of Weather Modification
Ash Commission Reports on Civil Works Functions of the Corps
Hail Suppresion, Next Major Thrust of Weather Modification Research Program
USDA to Fight Water and Soil Pollution from Animal Wastes
Major Clean-Up Proposals Made by Nixon
NSF to Redirect Its Efforts
USGS to Lead Research in Underground Waste Disposal
FWPCA Adjusting Policy to Reduce Polluted Waterways
Bibliography on Hydrology and Sedimentation
AWRA to Sponsor National Symposium on Hydrobiology
Research Review
New Publications Received by the Institute