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Published by Nebraska Water Resources Research Institute, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


From the Desk of the Director
Nebraska Institute Hosts Energy Conference
NWRRI Awarded Research Contracts
Title II Deadline Announced
Water Resources Planning Criteria Endorsed by President
Additional Title II Grants Issued
The Pros and Cons of State Environmental Centers
New Office of Research and Development
Defendant: Office of Saline Water; Plaintiff: Representative Craig Hosmer
Land Use Bill Approved
Administration Assurances Received for Rural Conservation Program
Alaska Pipeline Authorized
Charge It! Says NTIS
MRBC Creates New Position--Information Officer Named
EROS Data Dedication
New Groundwater Tracing Technique
New Strip Mining Technique
From Icebergs to Ice Cubes
Flash-Flood Warning Systems
Water Service Prices Studied
New Publication on Weather Modification
Urban Water Planning Matrix
Acid Mine Drainage Possible Aid in Wastewater Treatment
New OWRR Director
Norman Wengert Joins AWRA Staff
New Chief of Engineers Announced