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Insect Science, Plant Disease, & Weed Science, University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources 88(2) (March 25, 1988).


Copyright 1988 University of Nebraska.


In This Issue:

  • 1988 Weed Science Tour
  • Early Weeds In Winter Wheat
  • Combination Herbicides--What's In A Name?

1988 Weed Science Tour

The 1988 Weed Tour has been set for the week of June 20th. This year the Tour will begin in western Nebraska on Monday, June 20th and proceed eastward. A detailed itinerary will be published in April.

Early Weeds in Winter Wheat

We're at it again -- early weed control in winter wheat. The calls are many and the plants are plentiful. Check winter wheat fields now for the presence of pennycress, other mustards, and kochia. If present, control measures should be taken soon.

Combination Herbicides--What's In A Name?

1988 finds many prepackaged herbicide combinations on the market. Evaluating weed control performance, crop safety, and carryover potential of combinations compared with tank mixtures is dependent on the amount of each component in the combination. Sometimes it is difficult to tell how much atrazine is contained in 3 qt. of Bicep or 3 qt. of Extrazine. The following table lists the equivalent amount of each component contained in a gallon or pound of some combination products. The totals don't always add up to 1 gallon or 1 pound of herbicide because the combination products may be more or less concentrated than the individual herbicides.