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March 1978


Published in the Federal Register, Vol. 43, No. 47 - Thursday, March 9, 1978.


The Service issues a final rulemaking which provides for the reclassification of the gray wolf in the United States and Mexico, and for the determination of critical habitat for species of gray wolf in Michigan and Minnesota. The reclassification is considered to accurately express the current status of the gray wolf, based solely on an evaluation of the best available biological data. The special regulations being established in Minnesota are deemed necessary and advisable to provide for the future well-being of the species. Although an increased legal take of wolves committing depredations on domestic animals will be authorized, this take is intended to ameliorate present conflict between the wolf and human interests. Such conflict would hinder conservation efforts and thus work against the long-term welfare of the wolf. A legal take is considered the only practical means by which depredations can be handled and the current problems relieved.