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Zea Books is the digital imprint of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries. Its mission is to publish academic works (books, journals, multimedia) by scholars who are either affiliated with the University of Nebraska–Lincoln or are working in research areas of significant interest at UNL.

Zea Books was founded in 2008. It is a natural outgrowth of the successful UNL DigitalCommons institutional repository (http://digitalcommons.unl.edu/), an enterprise that has been publishing electronic books since its inception in 2005. The imprint helps foster the University of Nebraska–Lincoln's commitment to the future of scholarly communications.

Benefits of Publishing with Zea Books

Zea Books provides an innovative way for faculty to promote and disseminate their scholarly research.

Open access: Full texts of works are published online in an open-access format, available free to users worldwide.

Readership: Zea Books can support projects for any size readership. It aims to give a platform for scholars whose works might not meet the financial requirements for publication by a traditional press.

Publishing schedule: The process of manuscript review to acceptance to publication is significantly quicker than that of a traditional press.

Processing charges: Zea Books does not levy any author processing charges.

Analytics: The platform on which the electronic versions of the books reside, the UNL DigitalCommons, is indexed by Google and Google Scholar and provides download statistics to authors.

Preservation: Permanent access to materials is ensured through the UNL DigitalCommons.

Print-on-demand: Titles are made available as print-on-demand publications. Current publications available in this printed format can be seen at the Zea Books storefront at lulu.com. Some titles are also available at amazon.com. Books may be printed singly or in lots as readers place orders. No hard copy run is printed by Zea and, therefore, there are never any remainders.

Style: Zea Books provides editing, design, and composition (typesetting) for works in a variety of sizes and formats.

ISBNs: All new works are assigned International Standard Book Numbers [prefix: 978-1-60962-] for both electronic and printed editions.

Cataloging: Catalog records for Zea Books are available via OCLC.

Copyright and Licensing

Works are published under a nonexclusive permission to publish agreement. The electronic works reside in the UNL DigitalCommons repository and remain at all times free to readers. Authors who are the creators and/or the holders of any proprietary rights in their work retain ownership of all rights to the work, including copyright, and may publish elsewhere without restrictions or limitation. In retaining copyright, authors are free to superimpose a license on their work in any manner they choose, including assigning a Creative Commons license.

Sample Titles

Historical Common Names of Great Plains Plants, with Scientific Names Index. Volume I: Common Names and Volume II: Scientific Names Index (2015) by Elaine Nowick

Hopi Nation: Essays on Indigenous Art, Culture, History, and Law (2008) by Edna Glenn, John R. Wunder, Willard Hughes Rollings, and C. L. Martin

Loris Malaguzzi and the Teachers: Dialogues on Collaboration and Conflict among Children, Reggio Emilia 1990 (2015) by Carolyn Edwards, Lella Gandini, and John Nimmo

Media Revolution: Early Prints from the Sheldon Museum of Art (2012) by Gregory Nosan and Alison G. Stewart

Musica mechanica organoediMusical Mechanics for the Organist (2011) by Jacob Adlung, Johann Lorenz Albrecht, Johann Friedrich Agricola, and Quentin Faulkner

Resilient Russian Women in the 1920s & 1930s (2015) by Marcelline Hutton

Textile Terminologies from the Orient to the Mediterranean and Europe, 1000 BC to 1000 AD (2017) by Salvatore Gaspa, Cécile Michel, and Marie-Louise Nosch

Wetland Birds of the Central Plains: South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas (2012) by Paul Johnsgard