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doi: 10.32873/unl.dc.zea.1330

From the Foreword: Railroads have been important in American history since the mid-nineteenth century for national unification, the settlement of the American West, the industrial revolution, economic growth, models of complex organization for other large corporations, and the transition of America from rural, agrarian society to urban, industrial society. The railroads’ transformative influence of technological change and social change has been termed “railroadization” (Schumpeter 1939, 1:325-351). Alfred D. Chandler Jr. (1965, 9-12) characterized the railroad industry as the first big business in America. The transcontinental railroads were especially significant. A transcontinental railroad may be defined as a railroad whose eastern terminal is east of the Continental Divide and whose western terminal is on the Pacific coast.… This book, Revised Corporate History of the Northern Pacific Railway As of June 30, 1917, Prepared in Accordance With Valuation Order No. 20 of the Interstate Commerce Commission, is the official history of the Northern Pacific Railway, and it documents corporate changes from the Northern Pacific’s charter on July 2, 1864, to June 30, 1917. It was prepared in accordance with Valuation Order number 20 of the Interstate Commerce Commission. … In order to complete the history of the Northern Pacific Railway it is necessary to add the corporate changes that occurred from 1917 until its merger into the Burlington Northern in 1970.

Corporate entities covered include: The Lake Superior and Mississippi Railroad Company • The Saint Paul and Pacific Railroad Company • Northern Pacific Railroad Company • The Stillwater and St. Paul Railroad Company • Northern Pacific Railway Company • The Minneapolis and Duluth Railroad Company • Minneapolis & St. Louis Railway Company • The Minneapolis and St. Louis Railroad Company • Utah and Northern Railway Company • Montana Union Railway Company • Seattle and Walla Walla Rail Road Company • The Columbia and Puget Sound Railroad Company • Olympia Railroad Union • The Olympia and Chehalis Valley Railroad Company • Port Townsend Southern Railroad Company • Saint Paul and Northern Pacific Railway Company • Taylors Falls and Lake Superior Rail Road Company • Saint Paul and Duluth Railroad Company • Northern Pacific, Fergus, and Black Hills Railroad Company • Union Depot, Street Railway and Transfer Company of Stillwater • Stillwater Union Depot & Transfer Company • Union Depot & Transfer Company of Stillwater • Saint Cloud, Grantsburg and Ashland Railway Company • The Grantsburg, Rush City and St. Cloud Railroad Company • The Little Falls and Dakota Railroad Company • Mill Creek Flume and Manufacturing Company • The Oregon Railroad and Navigation Company • The Saint Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Railway Company • Rocky Mountain Railroad Company of Montana • Fargo and Southwestern Railroad Company • The Jamestown & Northern Railroad Company • Montana Railway Company • Sanborn, Coopertown and Turtle Mountain Railroad Company • The Puget Sound Shore Railroad Company • Helena and Jefferson County Railroad Company • James River Valley Railroad Company • Duluth and Manitoba Railway Company • Northern Pacific and Cascade Railroad Company • Northern Pacific and Puget Sound Shore Railroad Company • The Coeur d’Alene Steam Navigation and Transportation Company • Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern Railway Company • Spokane and Seattle Railway Company • Spokane and Palouse Railway Company • The Oregon and Washington Territory Railroad Company • Puget Sound and Grays Harbor Railroad and Transportation Co. • Helena and Red Mountain Railroad Company • Duluth Short Line Railway Company • The Coeur d’Alene Railway and Navigation Company • Clealum Railroad Company • South-Eastern Dakota Railroad Company • Spokane Falls and Idaho Railroad Company • Helena and Northern Railroad Company • Northern Pacific, LaMoure and Missouri River Railroad Company • Rocky Fork and Cooke City Railway Company • The Missoula and Bitter Root Valley Railroad Company • The Drummond and Philipsburg Railroad Company • Vancouver, Klickitat and Yakima Railroad Company • Seattle and West Coast Railway Company • Canyon Creek Railroad Company • The Central Washington Railroad Company • Northern Pacific and Montana Railroad Company • Washington Short Line Railway Company • The Tacoma, Orting & Southeatern Railroad Company • The Duluth, Crookston and Northern Rail Road Company • The Snohomish, Skykomish and Spokane Railway and Transportation Company • Jamestown and Northern Extension Railroad Company • Seattle Terminal Railway and Elevator Company • Philadelphia Mortgage and Trust Company • Seattle Warehouse and Terminal Company • The Seattle and San Francisco Railway and Navigation Company • Northwestern Improvement Company • Wallace and Sunset Railroad Company • Yakima and Pacific Coast Railroad Company • Tacoma, Olympia and Grays Harbor Railroad Company • Duluth Transfer Railway Company • Duluth Transfer Railroad Company • The United Railroads of Washington • Green River and Northern Railroad Company • Little Falls and Southern Railroad Company • The Portland and Poget Sound Railroad Company • Washington & Oregon Railway Company • Bellingham Bay and Eastern Railroad Company • Everett and Monte Cristo Railway Company • Monte Cristo Railway Company • The Washington and Columbia River Railway Company • Montana Southern Railway Company • Washburn, Bayfield and Iron River Railway Company • Seattle and International Railway Company • Gaylord and Ruby Valley Railway Company • Portland, Vancouver and Yakima Railway Company • Seattle and Montana Railroad Company • Western American Company • The Washington Central Railway Company • Clearwater Short Line Railway Company • Washington Railway & Navigation Company • Mill Creek Railroad Company • North Yakima and Valley Railway Company • Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway Company • Missouri River Railway Company • Western Dakota Railway Company • Big Fork and International Falls Railway Company • The Shields River Valley Railway Company • Toppenish, Simcoe & Western Railway Company • Connell Northern Railway Company • The Camp Creek Railway Company • Cuyuna Northern Railway Company • Cuyuna Dock Company • Missoula and Hamilton Railway Company


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Attached files are copies of the corporate chart and map, the original charter, and a Harper's Weekly description of the 1883 celebration of completion.

Revised Corporate History of Northern Pacific Railway Company As of June 30, 1917. Centennial Edition Including a Foreword with Later Corporate Changes