Wildlife Disease and Zoonotics



Date of this Version

January 2005


Prepared by the National Biological Information Infrastructure http://www.nbii.gov
Find it on the Web at: http://wildlifedisease.nbii.gov/cwddc


The National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII) is an electronic information network that provides access to biological data and information on our nation’s plants, animals, and ecosystems. Information contributed by federal, state, and local government agencies; non-government organizations; and private-sector organizations is linked through the NBII gateway and made accessible to a variety of audiences, including researchers, natural resource managers, decision-makers, educators, students, and other members of the general public. Implementation of the NBII is being accomplished through the development of "nodes" that serve as entry points to the network. These nodes function as fully digital, distributed, and interactive systems that focus on content on a defined subject area or a geographic region. The NBII Wildlife Disease Information Node (WDIN) addresses the need for information on a variety of disease agents in wildlife and their implications, including those affecting domestic animals and humans. The Chronic Wasting Disease Data Clearinghouse (CWDDC) is an innovative product of WDIN built through collaborative efforts to assist in the study of Chronic Wasting Disease.