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Submissions from 2008

HOPI NATION: Essays on Indigenous Art, Culture, History, and Law [complete work], Edna Glenn, John R. Wunder, Willard Hughes Rollings, and C. L. Martin

“Frontmatter” to Hopi Nation, Edna Glenn, John R. Wunder, Willard Hughes Rollings, and C. L. Martin

Commentary I: Celebration, Edna Glenn

Chapter 1: The Hopi Nation in 1980, Abbott Sekaquaptewa

Exemplary Arts: Section A — Subject: Concepts of Emergence and Migration, Edna Glenn

Chapter 2 Hopi Mesas and Migrations: Land and People, Lomawywesa (Michael Kabotie)

Chapter 3 The Hopi Way: Art as Life, Symbol, and Ceremony, Honvantewa (Terrance Talaswaima)

Exemplary Arts: Section B — Subject: Corn as Life Essence, Edna Glenn

Exemplary Arts: Section C — Subject: Ceremony — Ancient and Contemporary Images, Edna Glenn

Exemplary Arts: Section D — Subject: Contemporary Arts and Crafts, Edna Glenn

Commentary II: Ceremony, Edna Glenn

Chapter 4 Hopi Kachinas: A Life Force, Barton Wright

Exemplary Arts: Section E — Subject: Kachinas, Edna Glenn

Chapter 5 Hopi Social Structure as Related to Tihu Symbolism, Alice Schlegel

Chapter 6 Contemporary Hopi Courts and Law, Piestewa (Robert H. Ames)

Chapter 7 The Enduring Hopi, Peter Iverson

Commentary III: Challenge, Edna Glenn

Hopi Essence: Self-Portrait and Poem, Lomawywesa (Michael Kabotie)

Contributors — Hopi Nation, [The Editors]

Bibliography — Hopi Nation, John R. Wunder