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INTSORMIL Report No. 14, May 1, 2007


One of the major problems plaguing the development of the Central American dairy industry is the lack of good quality forage which results in low milk and meat production and an increase in production costs. Many dairy farmers, in their search for suitable forage to feed their cattle herds, utilize poor quality sorghum or maize hybrids which can result in economic losses.

In the case of sorghum, the major problem is a lack of cultivars that (1) are early, (2) grow rapidly, (3) are of proper plant height, (4) are resistant to diseases, (5) have high yield potential and (6) produce high quality green matter. Thus CENTA scientists are searching for alternatives to current forages for the feeding of dairy cows.

Now El Salvador scientists have developed a new hybrid forage sorghum, CENTA SS-44, which has the above attributes and significantly increases milk and meat production.