International Sorghum and Millet Collaborative Research Support Program (INTSORMIL CRSP)


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A Technical Research Report of the Grain SOrghum/Pearl Millet Collaborative Research SUpport Program (CRSP)


241 Keim Hall, East Campus
University of Nebraska
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This annual report covers the activities for program Year 6, the final year of operation under the initial grant document.

The CRSP's present a unique model for conducting agricultural research in collaboration with developing country agricultural research programs.

The INTSORMIL program also demonstrates these characteristics:

-- INTSORMIL has the dual goal of improving agriculture in the developing countries and in the United States.

- The seven participating U.S. institutions agree to contribute at least 25% of the cost of the CRSP from non-federal resources (in money or in kind), justified on the basis of benefits that can accrue to their state's agriculture and their institution.

-- Host governnents collaborating with INTSORMIL also contribute to the program by providing facilities, money and/or personnel.

- The INTSORMIL prograIll is designed to stinulate collaboration and program development between scientists of participating U.S. and developing country institutions.

Each research activity is designed to address a priority constraint to the improved production/utilization of sorghum and millet as identified by the planning grant activity which identified the major research areas which INTSORMIL should address.

-- Training and institution building are natural parts of the CRSP as it works toward the objective of increasing the research capability of collaborating developing countries. During the period of this report, July 1, 1984 - June 30, 1985, there have been 104 LDC students sponsored (total or partial support) in graduate degree programs. Students totally funded by INTSORMIL have been through graduate research assistantships provided under individual research sub-projects.

- INTSORMIL is making a global inpact. Collaboration with 17 host countries provides impact in seven major regions; West Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa, Southeast Asia, Central America, the Caribbean and South America.

The goal of the CRSP has been to establish active, collaborative research relationships that will contribute to the alleviation of hunger and malnutrition in developing countries by improving the availability and utilization of sorghum and millet.