International Sorghum and Millet Collaborative Research Support Program (INTSORMIL CRSP)


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Paper presented at the 3rd Annual Zinc Symposium (Hyderabad, India: October 10-14, 2011).


Copyright 2011, the authors. Used by permission.


Micronutrient deficiencies are quite widespread in Sub‐Saharan Africa including Zambia. A survey study of selenium and zinc content in selected soils and staple food crops showed low concentrations that suggested that populations might be at risk of low intake of these micronutrients through the diet. The beneficial effects of Se and Zn are well documented in human populations (Black et al. 2008). Agronomic bio‐fortification offers a promising strategy to address micronutrient deficiency in the diet (Cakmak, 2008). This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of soil and foliar applications of Zn on Zn concentrations in maize, sorghum and wheat.