ADAPT Program -- Accent on Developing Abstract Processes of Thought


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Copyright © 1975 American Association of Physics Teachers. Used by permission.


Most physics classes include students who use concrete reasoning patterns on some occasions and formal reasoning patterns on others. Most likely their approach to a new kind of problem will Include a mixture of techniques derived from their previous learning, their awareness of their own reasoning, and their ability to engage in self-regulation. Obstacles to their success may stem from misconceptions they formed as a result of poorly assimilated prior learning experiences. So what? What does that tell me about the goals and strategies I might choose for my teaching? In this module we shall pursue the implications of the students’ needs to begin learning by using their existing mental structures, but to form new ones through self-regulation as part of their progress. The objectives are 1) to assist you in selecting teaching strategies that will encourage self-regulation on the part of your students, and 2) to assist you in balancing course goals aimed at content with those aimed at improved reasoning.