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Journal of Parasitology (October 1986) 72(5): 755-761.


U.S. government work.


Eulimdana rauschorum n. sp. is described from southern black-backed gulls, Larus dominicanus Lichtenstein in Antarctica. The species is most similar to Eulimdana lari (Yamaguti, 1935) from Charadriiformes in the Holarctic. Males have spicules equal in length that are asymmetric in structure distally. There are 4-5 and 3-5 caudal papillae in rows to the right and left of the anus, and two small genital papillae at the posterolateral margin of the anus. Females have a variable number of prominent caudal papillae and large microfilariae (365 μm in length). The morphological similarities and host distribution of E. rauschorum and E. lari suggest they are sister taxa in which cladogenesis of the former accompanied the isolation and subsequent speciation of Larus dominicanus in the Southern Hemisphere.