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Presented at SciComm 2016, Lincoln, Nebraska, September 24, 2016.


Copyright © 2016 Lisa M. PytlikZillig, Janell Walther, Carrick Detweiler, and Adam Houston


The CLOUDMAP Team -- Collaboration Leading Operational UAS Development for Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics. An EPSCOR grant funded by NSF

Responsible Innovation & Trust

Public Perception Studies to Date

Some Major Findings • You can call a drone whatever you want without changing people’s support • Purpose matters • Trust matters…

And More Findings • Sensemaking through pop culture, lack of knowledge, questioning, and purpose. • Hopes for societal benefits such as research technology and improved public safety (reduced risk, better forecasting). • Concerns for privacy, public & airspace safety, and pollution. • Recommendations for collaborative regulation creation for safety and security, as well as privacy.

Next Steps • Studies 1&2: Wave 3 ▫ MTurk and representative sample • Study 3  Study 4 ▫ Representative sample survey experiment ▫ Varying: Purpose, actor, rural/urban ▫ Examining: Support, trust ▫ Moderation by: Knowledge