SciComm - Effective Science Communication


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Presented at SciComm 2016, Lincoln, Nebraska, September 24, 2016.


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Great communication ignites a chain reaction. Discussion: Identify the best presenter of science that you have seen. What made that speaker so effective?

To excel in your presentations, you will need content , passion, and a sharp sense of the audience.

Science not communicated is science not done. Presenting your science powerfully requires mastery of three skills: Be Audience Centered, Filter and focus, Show your science

Becoming an audience focused speaker is one of the most powerful skills you can adopt. Returning to points of common ground satisfies audiences of different technical backgrounds.

Successful technical presentations require you to filter your details for your audience. Focus your content by considering first the most important message for your audience. To identify critical points for the talk, first consider the view you want the audience to have at the end. A good planning technique for filtering detail is to consider where you want your audience to end up and build the path from there.

If audiences try to process too many words simultaneously, cognitive overload occurs. People learn much more deeply from words and relevant images than from words alone. Use primarily visual slides; Blank the screen; Use a handout

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