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Presented at SciComm 2016, Lincoln, Nebraska, September 24, 2016.


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We operate the UNL Digital Commons institutional repository (IR) 87,130 Total Papers, 37,790,242 Total Downloads (since 2005), 6,746,500 Downloads in the past year.

We are the university’s most visited subdomain. Our content ranks above Elsevier’s in Google search results. Sometimes we even beat Wikipedia.

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Our site looks like this >

Downloads for Dr. Hebets (68 papers). Downloading institutions-- Top 50 schools (of 627) for Eileen Hebets articles. Countries (105) for Eileen Hebets articles. We sent copies of your articles to users in these places.

So free scientific research gets lots of exposure, but ... Free educational resources get even more!

Take the case of Dr. Robert Katz (1917-2011). He is our most-downloaded author. Downloaded by 11,826 institutions in 201 countries 613,816 times. Most of it is chapters from his Physics text.

If you want to have an impact ... 1.Make a scientific discovery, or 2.Create openly available teaching materials

It’s not just Nebraska