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For Achievement—Centered Education (ACE 10) Faculty Inquiry Project (2013-14), University of Nebraska-Lincoln


ACTS 475/875 Student Learning Objectives

1. To have students satisfy ACE student learning outcome 10: Generate a creative or scholarly product that requires broad knowledge, appropriate technical proficiency, information collection, synthesis, interpretation, presentation, and reflection.

2. To develop an understanding of the practical application of actuarial concepts as described in the readings.

3. To introduce students to actuarial software programs currently used by actuaries.

4. To introduce students to how personal and professional ethics are incorporated in actuarial practice.

5. To help develop writing skills, particularly in the communication of the results of actuarial analysis

6. To help develop the ability to work cooperatively with others.

7. To develop a better understanding of each student’s ability to understand and apply actuarial concepts.

Sample of Projects Assigned to Students

ACE 10 Assessment: Current Status

ACE 10 Assessment: Plan