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Back in the good old days, when the telephone business was simpler and Saturday night television was worth watching, I can remember Ted Knight the newsman (remember him on The Mary Tyler Moore Show?) looking off into some imagined horizon in the newsroom when asked how he happened to come to his current position. With head cocked upward and his hand clutching his right lapel, he'd start in his deepest, most pompous voice: “lt all started in a small, 5,000-watt radio station..." Around here it a!! started with a 12,000-line, decade-old Centrex system and a new hospital building going up in the Yale-New Haven Medical Center. Some folks at the hospital who (luckily) knew nothing about the telephone business decided it would be wise to look into owning our own system. This was in early 1980 and marks the beginning of what has now become (unofficially of course) the "Yale Telephone Company.' Things really were simpler then, relatively speaking. The Yale-New Haven Medical Center had about 4,500 telephones in a 34-building complex. Everything was connected by existing tunnel and duct facilities and there were only a few vendors capable of providing a system large enough to fill the bill. After two years of effort, a Northern Telecom SL-IXL was successfully cut over.