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This book is a rewrite of Campus Telecommunications Systems: Managing Change, a book that was written by ACUTA in 1995. In the past decade, our industry has experienced a thousand-fold increase in data rates as we migrated from 10 megabit links (10 million bits per second) to 10 gigabit links (10 billion bits per second), we have seen the National Telecommunications Policy completely revamped; we have seen the combination of voice, data, and video onto one network; and we have seen many of our service providers merge into larger corporations able to offer more diverse services. When this book was last written, A CUT A meant telecommunications, convergence was a mathematical term, triple play was a baseball term, and terms such as iPod, DoS, and QoS did not exist. This book is designed to be a communications primer to be used by new entrants into the field of communications in higher education and by veteran communications professionals who want additional information in areas other than their field of expertise. There are reference books and text books available on every topic discussed in this book if a more in-depth explanation is desired. Individual chapters were authored by communications professionals from various member campuses. This allowed the authors to share their years of experience (more years than many of us would care to admit to) with the community at large.

Foreword Walt Magnussen, Ph.D.

Preface Ron Kovac, Ph.D.

1 The Technology Landscape: Historical Overview . Walt Magnussen, Ph.D.

2 Emerging Trends and Technologies . Joanne Kossuth

3 Network Security . Beth Chancellor

4 Security and Disaster Planning and Management Marjorie Windelberg, Ph.D.

5 Student Services in a University Setting . Walt Magnussen, Ph.D.

6 Administrative Services David E. O'Neill

7 The Business Side of Information Technology George Denbow

8 The Role of Consultants . David C. Metz

Glossary Michelle Narcavage