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In December 2004 ACUTA and WTC sent a survey to 768 ACUTA primary members to determine what issues were important on campuses today and what issues respondents felt will be of importance in the next few years. Questions related to management, strategy, infrastructure, technology, organization, polity, and funding. One of the most interesting observations is that the current and five-year rankings are nearly identical- today's concerns are also your concerns for the future. Here are the highlights of our findings:

A cluster of five management issues were rated very close to the same importance. This cluster included developing a vision of the future; keeping up with current technology trends; keeping up with demand for services; creating new funding sources; and promoting the importance of the technology investment to senior officials.

Four strategic issues also remained at the top of the list for the present and the future. These included: development of a strategic master plan; funding models; network survivability; and business continuity planning.